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A Halloween Haunted House is the Classic Way to Celebrate the Season
A Halloween haunted house is the classic way to celebrate the season. With many different themes, haunted houses are a great way to keep thrill-seekers entertained all season long. Some haunts stick to one theme throughout the entire experience, while others switch it up room by room. If you're looking for a fright-filled night out with the family, haunted houses are a great way to experience the holiday in a whole new way. Learn more about  halloween attractions bay area,  go here. 
New York City has its fair share of haunted houses. From trick-or-treating to haunted trails, New York City has plenty of places to scare the hell out of you. In addition to the Big Apple, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Westchester all have a few spooky haunted houses to scare the pants off of you. Find out for further  details right here
The history of haunted houses goes way back. The earliest haunted houses were small, non-profit affairs. Later, they became commercial attractions. Disneyland's Haunted Mansion became one of the most popular haunted attractions, but many early haunts were actually family affairs or parents' homes.
One of the longest running haunted houses in the country is The Haunted Hotel in San Diego. In addition to featuring man-eating pythons, the Haunted Hotel is the largest Halloween attraction in the city. Another popular haunt is Creepywoods in Kingsville, Maryland. In both cases, guests are invited to wander the woods while they experience the frights. Take a look at this link  for more information.
Haunted attractions often run from late September to early October. Many are especially active during Allhallowtide and the triduum. However, some haunts are open all year, and some are seasonal, such as during Spring Break. Some are even operated by charities and are part of their fundraisers.
Historically, Halloween has been a night of merrymaking and revelry, as well as an outlet for young men to release some pent-up steam. The most famous Halloween haunted houses can date back to the nineteenth century, or even further. The interiors of these haunted houses are typically dark and creepy.
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